4 Sustainable Fabrics – Slow Fashion

4 Sustainable Fabrics – Slow Fashion

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Organic Cotton and Tencel:

Organic Basics gifted me the organic and tencel products and supplied an affiliate link – you don’t pay more and I earn a tiny commission if you choose to purchase products from this link.
You can also use this code FAIRYLANDOBC at the checkout for 10% off your purchase. This discount lasts for two months after this video date.

Linen: non-affiliate links
I like to buy undergarments from local Etsy suppliers. I get some from European shops like
https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/LacyLinen?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=665349257&ga_search_query=linen%20underwear (not affiliated) You can tell her Niamh from Ireland sent you

A video showing the making of linen in Ireland

Hemp: non-affiliate links
USA: https://wamaunderwear.com
UK: https://www.thehempshop.co.uk

Tencel website: non-affiliate links

Not mentioned in the video but the most sustainable material Khadi is shown in this beautiful short film made in India.

All photos used are from https://visualhunt.com

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Hi there,
My name is Niamh and I have a BSc in Nursing Science. I make videos on simple, low waste, natural healthy living. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

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  1. I love this video!! Thank you so much!! Just wondering why wool and bamboo didn’t make the list? Thanks for including the links in the description too <3

  2. I’ve just learned about aloe vera fabric, banana fabric, milk fabric, soybean fabric, eucalyptus fabric, lotus fabric, and rose fabric. You can find out for information at https://www.zsfabrics.com. I hope to make reusable cloth pads from one or more of these fabrics!

  3. I made a tencel skirt in the late 1990’s and I love it. It’s so cool, as in air flow, to wear. I always thought it was made from soda bottles, but you enlightened me. And the other two, or should I say, three natural fibers I wear are linen, cotton and rayon, which is made from wood pulp. And I do have some silk items too.

  4. Thanks for the information. I’m differently going throughout all of my clothing to see what to keep and get rid of.

  5. Could you tell me more about your cable knit sweater? I love it, but wonder if it is wool and itchy. I’d love one to wear here in South Carolina when it gets cold (which it sometimes does), without having to wear a bulky jacket. Thank you. I find your videos very relaxing.

  6. Like your channel so much as this becomes my place to relax! Thank you for sharing these beautiful and peaceful "slow" ideas!

  7. 1- Hemp anti-bacterial properties
    2- Linen, (flax plant) does not need pesticide
    3- organic cotton (mostly convention cotton use chemicals, mass production) check GOTS certification.
    4-tencel (liocel), from farce (completely compostable

  8. hi! ferryland cottage I hav misconceptions that cotton is more ecofriendly.Must of my dress I were is cotton.so I want to switch to another fabrics you mention but don’t know where I get those fabrics…

  9. I have just started learning about fibres and fabrics in terms of fashion design and I am incredibly interested in sustainability and the impact of fashion on the earth which is something that is often ignored and forgotten about in the current world crisis of plastic waste. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on milk fabric; I.e. milkofil and Lenpur. Without personally knowing much about veganism etc. I am obviously aware that milk fabric is not a vegan option but it is sustainable and it supposedly uses the leftover waste products from the milk production process. It is supposedly eco-friendly process and it produces a fabric similar to that of silk rather than wool. I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

  10. Hemp all the way! I think it’s horrible how prudish and outdated laws make hemp inaccessible and expensive.

  11. Recently viewed a documentary made in Australia that investigated the manufacture of tencel. The company in India was extremely irresponsible and had caused major health issues for the downstream villages. Was very toxic🤷‍♀️

  12. Me who just bought all new cotton clothing and was looking to buy additional clothing. Finding out conventional cotton isn’t good. 😭 Please tell me it’s at least less bad for my body than polyester? 😭

    *Edit* Thank you for the video, though. It’s really helpful! Much appreciated!

  13. As I live in Waterford, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this wonderful Irish channel! Most that I’ve found so far dealing with sustainability are UK and USA. Thank you for this great video

  14. we are now creating our streetwear in 100% hemp. Even wash labels and neck labels are hemp fabric! Thanks for this

  15. Most of those sites for hemp or other natural clothing don’t have my size. I’m a large woman, and my bra size is 46DD.

  16. I like so many of your clothes that I see in this video and other videos. Where do you find them? I am in the U.S.A.

  17. I am very allergic to hemp… to the point where the fibers cause difficulty in breathing as bad as coal dust for me and others like me. I will use linen.

  18. I love these natural fabrics too. But they are expensive to buy and not easy to find, except on line. While I like linen for alot of things, as clothes, it sometimes looks sloppy for some reason. And I have been wanting an Irish style fisherman sweater for the longest. But most all of them are 100% wool. I learned along time ago, my skin does not tolerate wool. Even with a shirt on under the sweater, I still feel the scratchiness (and itchy) through the cloth. So. I need a sweater styled like the Irish sweater, but made from cotton or something besides wool. I hear the Marino wool is soft, but I don’t want to chance it. Those sweaters cost too much to risk me being sensitive to that too.

  19. We should also consider the circularity of these products, and also market & production. Lets just not get "Romantically" lost in the translation of these fabrics but see them more objectively.

    Most of them can have adverse effect on farmers if the crop gets infected. One of the aspects farmers invest in cotton than organic cotton because they are likely to get sure returns.

    Only talking about natural fibers will not make it Sustainable fabric, we also need to talk about scheme which benefits farmers and other people in Supply Chain to make a Fabric/Fiber Sustainable.

  20. Hi Niamh, great video! I was wondering if you have any thoughts on bamboo which is a very popular fibre used in many products including clothing, sheets, towels, etc. 😁

  21. I would add humanely raised woolen products to that list. Wool is a wonderful and natural fiber thats warm, sustainable, and durable.

  22. I’m looking for an Irish YouTuber for sooo long and now I even found one who does such an incredible informative job 👏👏 cheers to you. That’s double fun to increase my Irish accent.
    Love your video 💕💕🌈 Sláinte

  23. Hemp fiber clothing is hard to find and expensive in my country because it’s illegal to grow hemp, stupid laws…

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