5 Most Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Pets

5 Most Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Pets

Dr Jones shows you the top 5 most important homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats..Plus he shows some flesh 🙂

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  1. Homeopathy works amazing on animals and humans. My cat has had an abscess and now a UTI and homeopathy treats both. No one in my house has an antibiotic or over the counter medication in 2 years.

  2. Hi Doc …. can arnica or Rhus Tox be given to a senior dog for arthritis pain and if so which is more effective. I have a senior dog around 14 years and about 11.4 kgs in weight. She has has a bit of a kidney issue and is on a med called Ipakitine .of late she has developed arthritis and I am wondering if it’s safe to treat her pain with homeopathy.. Thanks for all your help and advise.

  3. My 4 month Persian kitten has fungal infection with itching on ear and on back… please suggest me a homeopathic medicine or any other medicine for fungal… I am also applying some anti fungal lotion but there is no relief… please doctor help me

  4. Doctor,
    I have a neighbor whose dog I walk. One has some sorta flea skin issue… I’m wondering which homeopathic remedy would help with this?
    Please help cause I want and need to walk them

  5. Pls suggest homeopathic remedy for stray dog bite to our 3 yr old Labrador,and pls make an video on this

  6. Another very effective natural medicine that everyone should know and have on hand for animals and humans is Colloidal Silver also known as Nano Silver! Colloidal Silver is a very good natural remedy that is extremely effective and unfortunately extremely lied about and hidden from us nowadays by the Corrupt Big Pharma Industry ever since they came out with antibiotics in the 1930s just like they been lying to us and poisoning us with their toxic poisons ever since they were granted full control of our health care system in 1912. Colloidal Silver can be used topically and taken orally to kill almost all infections bacterias pathogens and even claimed to kill viruses, it works by surrounding the germs and smothering them cutting off the oxygen supply, most cases very quickly. It was used very widely for centuries to treat and cure almost everything even said to kill MRSA which is many times antibiotic resistant and eye infections, but it is well hidden from us now because we’ll that’s what Big Pharma does best they even use the scare tactic that it is unsafe and will turn you a permanent blue color because of one guy that was making it the wrong way and did so, yep one guy, they are ridiculous. Here is a great success story we personally had with Colloidal Silver, we have many cats and one of them went into heat had a false pregnancy filled up with milk and got a very bad infection (mastitis) her breasts and milk glands just got bigger and bigger so we started amoxicillin for about a week and it just got worse and worse to the point of her belly skin ripped open yep open about the size of a quarter with insides hanging out and I remembered reading on my Naturpathic Doctor sites about Colloidal Silver so I found that Walmart actually sells it called "Silver Biotics" for $20 we used it on the wound and gave her 10ml (a teaspoon) in her wet food and within 3 days it was healed shut and 80% of the swelling gone in a week. It is a natural miracle cure but don’t take my word for it look it up yourself there is many good articles and much good information to be found. Dr. Peter Glidden is a great Naturpathic Doctor on YouTube and his own Website and had an hour long video on Colloidal Silver his own brand called Argenta 23 but it is very expensive but if I know him and it would definitely be the best.

  7. Am so happy to found this video. Just starting out with homeopathy for pets. My parents have a 16 year old female dog. She has seizures and loosing pee (can’t control it very good). I would appreciate any suggestions as the medications she is getting now doing more harm than good. Please continue with your vidos!

  8. Love this! I’ve studied and used Homeopathic remedies for years and am a firm believer in them, they work! I use them on my pets and myself, am actually using Arnicare Gel right now on my lower back for a flareup from a back injury. It’s wonderful that you believe in, and use Homeopathy!

  9. Thank you for continuing to try to open eyes and ears, Doctor. You have given so much to us. I have been using homeopathic remedies for 30 years on rescued animals. I feel incredulous when I am told that it is due to the "placebo effect"…..on animals?

  10. Love you Dr. Jones
    Mostly I’m looking for cat remedies for pain, or natural antibiotics for cats can you do lots of cat things for us cat lovers to
    Thank you before hand 😘😘😘😘😘😢😢😢😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Thanks, Dr. Jones. I’ve successfully used homeopathies for years, and am so glad to know what you advise for issues our two older dogs have.
    I’m sorry to hear that some people have bashed your advising the use of homeopathic remedies, as ignorance can be pretty judgmental and harsh sometimes. Thank you for so generously sharing your wisdom.😊

  12. Thank you so much! We are thrilled to have found you. We have 3 senior rescues, two cats & a dog and we don’t do vets unless absolutely necessary which is practically never. Our dog just had a blood blister the size of a pea burst. It’s been on her belly for over a year. It’s rich, thick red blood. No infection or pain. She just wants to play. We could not stop the bleeding for more than a minute with our bandaging technique so we took her to emerg. They horsed around and tried to get us to do all kind of silly test and when we said no, just stop the bleeding, they just bandaged her up a lot like we did but with more of that self-sticking stuff and charged us the earth along with the insistence that we give her pain med and antibiotics. None was given to her. Then much research and we found you! She has had some warts along with this and we’ve learned about Thuja and, we had some in the house! Yay! We bought some of that bandage from Amazon and now just keep her area clean and covered. It’s taking a while to clot but I read that this is quite normal as it’s on her belly almost in the crotch of her hind leg. It’s a challenge to bandage but an old t-shirt with one leg through the sleeve and then some fancy cutting and tieing works great a gauze pad and self-stick vet bandage tap under that. Our dog has some kind of one of these warts inside her lower eyelid and occasionally it bleeds and acts up. We have our home remedies. A drop of colloidal silver seems to work so we’ll stick with that unless you suggest anything else. We started her on 1 Thuja 30 per day today.

  13. Our cat got s botch spay job and it’s infected, they were yelling at us, not really yelling but just mean and it’s their fault. They left a big know on it and after a month it still wasn’t healing . It is all knotted up under the skin .

  14. I noticed something troubling with the English subtitles/captions on. I also had the volume up, and noticed when you are saying ONE 30c capsule, the written caption inaccurately reads 130c. I know you can turn off auto-generated captions when you upload a video, as well as by editing a video’s settings within your channel. It would be unfortunate if someone gave too much of the remedies to their dog due to an inaccurate caption.

  15. I’m glad you made this video because I I do truly believe in homeopathic medicine for pets I’ve using Newton’s homeopathic for pets it’s called vitality assist and it’s been working on sick and dying cats & Kittens and always to playful and happy years later ..

  16. I give my cat cell salts and homeopathic remedies like sulphur for her skin and thuja occidentalis for asthma…I give her 1 pellet dissolved in distilled water 3 x’s a day and then syringe it…never use metal on cell salts or homeopathy…just glass or plastic…you can also just dissolve them in their wet food…one of the best cell salts you can give to a cat is Hyland’s Nat Mur #9 and I also give her Silica #12 to help her get her poop out…she was on Cisapride for years and I weaned her off of it and now give her the Silica 2 x’s a day dissolved in her wet food…
    I don’t believe in giving them drugs cause they cause more problems and don’t cure what’s ailing them…just like with us it’s a bandade….we are all biological creations and our bodies do not recognize drugs…

  17. Can u plz suggest a homeopathy medicine for cat of 3.5 yrs who is peeing reddish urine, most probably uti

  18. Is there something I can give my cat for high thyroid? He’s allergic to pills &ear gel.I need help!

  19. Hi my miss Moon is 11yrs old this house move t a unit so now indoors has cause Hyperesthesia can’t pinpoint the reason at this point hubdred spent to now in financial deep water the drugs given changed who she is also the trustee have as she knows its in her food or ongoing to hold her to administer so most times she hides in the bedroom I miss her
    Can I give her something like a few drops of St. John’s wort and rescue remedy
    I have searched the world for answers pls help

  20. Sir one my dog labrador puppy 6 month old but he is leg problem when he get up pull his back and send I have a one of video shooting how to send you any email id or Facebook or WhatsApp number please help I am see your video hip dysplasia but I am in small village and I am go to the other big village and extra and doctor says he is not hip dysplasia I don’t understand what to do🙏🤔☹☹

  21. My 8 month old shihtzu has eye pain he won’t open his eye for three days he has a eye ulcer from ingrown eyelashes I been applying the topical gel the vet gave me for him but he’s hurting and he’s not himself I found some info on this medicine Aconitum napellus 30c (monkshood can be used for pain for pets please confirm with me I can give my dog this and where I can buy this and how many at a time and how often till the pain subsides please please respond ASAP it’s important

  22. Any homeopathy medicine for type 1 diabetes? My dog is 6 years old 41 kgs weight and he gets 28 units of insulin twice in a day

  23. I was looking for Thuja for reducing the side effects of the vaccination. Would appreciate if you know anything about it. Thanks.

  24. Just wondering. I heard today that rabbit ears with hair on were good for dogs as the hair cleans the worms from stomach, I’m presuming the acid in a dogs stomach will dissolve the hair as it does work bone etc and therefore it does not help working your dog, what’s your opinion thank you

  25. I started belladonna for my boys epilepsy. He’s 9 months and 60pounds. Praying to god it works. He’s had breakthrough seizures even with phenobarb.

  26. Hi, there I love your videos on homeopathy. Homeopathy has a bad rap because of the very powerful Big Pharm Industry. I have friends who are MD’s who use homeopathy, as well as my sister, who was a homeopath. I ‘ve seen first hand the miracles of homeopathy in humans and pets. I would like to add that in this video you recommend homeopathy dosing be used per the animal’s weight. I have never heard of that being taught in any homeopathic school. The normal dose is 3 pellets. It does not matter the dog or humans size. Homeopathic pellets do not work like drugs. However, it shows the true efficacy of homeopathy if you can use one tiny pellet, and get the results you speak of! I’m glad that you’re out there! Keep making these videos!

  27. Well the Chinese have been using homeopathic medications for thousands of years.
    In fact western medication is just a synthetic of natural medication such as homeopathic medication.

  28. Dr. Jones – Thank You for these videos showing Natural Remedies for cats/dogs (this is my third one so far this morning 🙂 Could you tell me about the inactive ingredients in this Traumeel – are you completely comfortable with them ? Would really like to try it but question the inactive ingredients. Really appreciate you including this Natural Solution for people in this video, with your personal experience added, always love to hear about Natural Remedies for the Whole Family . P.S. one small thought as I am a new subscriber – you had music at the beginning of the video, made it really hard to hear your wisdom. I actually Love music in videos when I am just watching something and not needing to hear any instruction. Thank You again for taking the time to make these informative videos!

  29. Hi. I am despearte for some advise regarding my cat who was diagnosed with Stomatitis Gingivitis. Had been on Antirobe and Metacam for two months and no better. Today the vet says he thinks he has Calicivirus as well. Please please could you advise Homeopathic remedies that could help with this – or with HCM for my other cat. Thank you.

  30. Can anyone help me with the dosing schedule for Hepar Sulph and Silicea for impacted anal glands ? And should I include leopards bane? One last question, should I incorporate cephalexin since I have access to some ??

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