7 Ways to Treat Depression Naturally Without Medications!

7 Ways to Treat Depression Naturally Without Medications!

Are you suffering from depression but not interested in taking medication? Are you taking medication but don’t feel like its working well enough? Learn about 7 ways that you can treat depression naturally to help your mood and improve your life. These are suggestions that anybody can do and have been proven to treat mild to moderate depression.

All of these suggestions should be reviewed with your own doctor and you should never stop any medications without consulting them. If you have severe symptoms including suicidal or homicidal thoughts you need to seek help immediately.

Here are the 7 proven steps that can help control your depression:
1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2. Exercise- 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
3. Improve your diet
4. Manage Stress
5. Get adequate sleep
6. Surround yourself with positive influences and Eliminate the negative
7. Go out and serve somebody else- For ideas on service opportunities in your neighborhood try: www.justserve.org

Depression requires multiple avenues of treatment to be able to control this debilitating disease. Talk with your doctor about the best options for you.
For other ideas on how to treat your depression may I suggest the following books:

The Happiness Advantage- Shawn Achor

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs- Stephen S. Ilardi

The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness (Book & CD)- Mark Williams, John Teasdale et. al

The Mindful Way through Anxiety: Break Free from Chronic Worry and Reclaim Your Life- Mark Williams, John Teasdale et. al

The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time- Alex Korb PhD

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  1. When he asked about what things are causing problems to your lie? The first thought that came into my head was myself….I hate all these doctors they say exercise and have friends…..HOW CAN I DO THAT, NO ONE LIKES ME I AM SEVERELY OBESE I LOOK TEN YEARS OLDER THAN MY AGE, AND HOW CAN I NOT ISOLATE MYSELF?…..,I went to 2 doc secretly from ny parent but in vain..now I gave up and I am just waiting to give up ……

  2. Gratefulness is the secret to happiness. Once we all realize how incredibly lucky we are to even be alive on this planet and stop comparing ourselves to others, true happiness will find us. The one thing that helped me so much to become more grateful was Forwago.

  3. Can somebody help me? Has anyone experienced severe depression here? My brother suffering it and we just found out he is in serious pain now like he kept saying his head is so painful. He has a medication already and went to doctor for consultation but he is not cooperating with us. He kept wanting to end himself 😭😭😭 we are just 2 siblings and I am so attached with him.

  4. This is a very good product I have tried for the depression. Depression is delta 8 hemp oil, unlike CBD where you may or may not feel the effects over time I feel better right away. If you want to try it for free I suggest the brand HiOnNature they offer a free shipped sample no purchase necessary.

  5. I quite literally cry in bed every night for the most stupid reasons (there’s something wrong with me) Buddhist helped alot tysm

  6. Your live feels shit? Go out and help others.
    But without stress, when you have a 40h or more week… Oh yes, sounds good. Not.

  7. If you have 100 reasons to die no doubt there will be 1000 reasons to live so search that 1000 reasons.Even if you look around there will be people who could not see,listen,walk,they got married to their love but after marriage he/she died or may be suffering from some serious disease and may be that disease is going to take their life.Ask the importance of life from them… are you in worst situation than that people?Everyone can live in easy circumstances u will be winner when u will learn to live in tough circumstances…kindly don’t even think about to commit suicide & don’t be silly ignore such thoughts…be brave✨keep fighting with hardships✨be positive✨

  8. Words simply can not describe how helpful to me Forwago is. It completely changed the way I think and feel about everyday things. This program is too good and it is too bad that many people don’t know about it.

  9. Thank you doctor. Your posting was most instructing. These were the most profiting and illuminating 10:23 minutes I have spent viewing any YouTube video. The instructions were well-written, well-presented, enlightening and most thoroughly described. I wrote your 7-point treatment suggestions, which I will expand by adding my notes to. I am certain I will be able to create a road map for for treating my symptoms. I look forward to viewing your other postings. Much luck to you in your endeavour. BRAVO. !!

  10. I don’t get good sleep at all and bad thoughts come in my mind, lately i stay up and not sleep and this makes me think a lot and anytime i lay on my bed, my body start shaking. I just don’t know what to do about this all i need help. I just want to get my sleep back normal

  11. Here’s a tip for omega 3 fatty acids. Fish can actually be pretty bad for you, wild or farmed. Not only that but you’d be helping the environment by not eating fish 😀. The primary source of omega 3 fatty acids is actually from algae. Algae is actually the only reason fish even have omega 3 fatty acids, because they eat it.

  12. I suffered from depression and paranoia . I was so sacred and paranoid that i was too scared to even take my own life!. I was scared to move outdoors and not like the horror movie scared I was anxious I felt like I was living in a movie like Blue Diamond or Rwanda Genocide and that people were out to kill me and my family or take my house and property and money and throw me on the streets Then I felt like I would be raped several times And then I felt that I would die with the pain. My thoughts were obnoxious . But you know how I came out of this I started trusting my abilities. I started telling myself that I can make the best even out of the worst situation I told myself that even if something is shitty there will always be people who would want you and pay you just to work with them that’s how precious you are Even if the sky falls down or your house crumbles you can always build your life again cause you’re that ball of fire that zest that gem we all want you are productive you are worth it. above all most people are good at heart how often do you see someone who is a criminal or who is bad or who is psychopathic?? Very rarely That’s cause we all have empathy and most people also have a conscience and not to forget we also fear god and the law Very rarely you’ll come across an asshole So never change your perception of Humanity . Above all if you’re a diva… The good and the bad people will see right through it and respect you . Never be scared of losing something or being replaced cause you’re unique and that cannot happen people just want you!!!!! Don’t chase that cat, lure it to come. Be attractive Be Bold Be sexy and also be humble cause there’s someone who is scared to lose you

  13. I love your video. Definitely helpful natural ways to treat it. I enjoyed every bit!

  14. 06/02/2021

  15. Oh I got my case jumped royally from an ER doc several years ago when he mistakenly thought I came there for depression although that’s not why I went there – I went there because I woke up with all the blood seemingly gone from my arm – my arm was like dead weight. It was so scary and weird. I had to move my arm quite a bit after I woke up to get it feeling ok again. I’m glad that never happened again.

  16. Why cant i just treat it with some serious booze. You know…whisky and vodkas. You feel good in no time!

  17. Meds have so much other horrible side effects..I’m suffering bad with depression and suicidal thoughts…

  18. Thanks you sir for the nice video. Stress & depression is a major causes of many disease as am also suffering from depression due to some friendship issues in my life but after following your tips along with using herbal remedies like depression care pack of planet ayurveda for sometime now and i feel really better from inside & have amazing results too.

  19. This is good advice, but also pre COVID, which much of this applies to a depressed brain, bit not one infiltrated by a pandemic 2 months into year 2.

  20. I don’t know why I watch videos like this 🤔 I have heard it all. I’m looking for something new I haven’t tried.

  21. Very good advice, I do wish people in general would consider that older people exist, loneliness and exercise are harder, not impossible but it is different.

  22. Anybody depressed here please leave message below 200% guarantee after doing this 3 day art of living workshop you will never know depression in your life (sudharshan kriya)

  23. I was so depressed because of everything that has been happening in the world lately and I started gaining weight like crazy. The one thing that really helped me to get better was Forwago. A big thanks to everyone who puts an effort into the making of programs like this.

  24. Thnku sir for your great video as i am also suffering from depression . then i come across to know about planet ayurveda and their treatments . adter getting depression care pack from them i am fit as fiddle now.

  25. Just remember that when u got suicidal thoughts..that body may be yours,but the blood that run through your vein is the blood of JESUS..you have no rights to end it becos he died so that you could have a life..if JESUS thinks you are enough to gave up his life..what more do you need? PRAY 🙏

  26. I’m going to be fine, I’m going to be a better person, I’m going to be fit and healthy.

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