Antioxidant You own, Regular exercise and Coronavirus | Holistic Natural Cures

Antioxidant You own, Regular exercise and Coronavirus | Holistic Natural Cures

Antioxidant You own, Regular exercise and Coronavirus?
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COVID 19 News : Exercise may protect against deadly complication of COVID 19

Source: University of Virginia Health System

This is the miraculous antioxidant that fights the viruses bacteria, fungi, worms, super bugs, even coronavirus. It is not taken from food, but is released naturally, while we do sports.

Considering the actual information, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention appraise 20 percent to 42 percent of patients hospitalized for corona induced COVID 19 will develop ARDS, that is acute respiratory dystress syndrome.

Researches developed prior to the actual pandemic estimated that approximately 45 percent of patients who evolve severe ARDS will die.

Medical researcher findings seem to strongly support the potential of an element of our modern life, regular exercise, to help preventing or at least reducing the severity of ARDS. ARDS strikes between 3 percent and 17 percent of all patients affected by coronavirus. ARDS can also be associated with other viruses infections, which are very common, not just coronaviruses.

Zhen Yan, PhD, of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, pointed out strongly in his medical scientific review that regular exercise may helping prevent or reducing the severity of ARDS for patients affected by coronavirus. Just one single session of regular exercise was proved to increase the production of a crucial antioxidant, called extracellular superoxide dismutase or EcSOD. This miraculous antioxidant has the established potential to help reducing the effects of coronavirus infection.

This potent antioxidant tracks down damaging free radicals, aiding us protecting own tissues and assisting to prevent disease.

Our skeletal muscles naturally produce extracellular superoxide dismutase or EcSOD, delivering it into the circulation to afford binding to other vital organs. It is largely demonstrated that its production is enhanced by cardiovascular exercise.

A decrease in this antioxidant is founded in several diseases as acute lung disease, ischemic heart disease and kidney failure. Laboratory research in mice advocates that hindering its production exacerbates heart problems, while expanding it has a beneficial effect. A drop in EcSOD was also associated with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Researches suggest that even one session of exercise increases production of this powerful antioxidant.

Regular exercise is established having far more health benefits than we know. This described fortunate protection against this severe respiratory disease condition is just one of the many instances.

The antioxidant represented by extracellular superoxide dismutase or EcSOD was already proposed as a potential therapeutics for diabetic retinopathy, an awful complication of diabetes that can lead to blindness.

The regular exercise is also recommended by doctors who treat severe forms of Covid19, because it regulates blood sugar.

Hyperglycemia directly affects the immune system in case of any viral infection.

During the effort glucose will enter the cells regardless of insulin intervention. It is a great way to regulate blood sugar.

But, be careful, sustained physical effort means over 30 minutes!

High blood sugar (aka hyperglycemia), even if you do not yet suffer from diabetes, maintains and exacerbates any infection, viral, bacterial or otherwise.

What are you saying?

Do you practice or not?

So regular exercise!

Convinced on the Awesome relationship between Antioxidant You own, Regular exercise and Coronavirus prevention and complications removal?

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Translated titles:
Antioxidante propio, ejercicio regular y coronavirus

Antioxidans Sie besitzen, regelmäßige Bewegung und Coronavirus

Antioxydant que vous possédez, exercice régulier et coronavirus

Antioxidante, exercício físico regular e coronavírus

एंटीऑक्सिडेंट आप स्वयं, नियमित व्याय

مضادات الأكسدة التي تمتلكها ، وممارسة التمارين الرياض

У вас ёсць антыаксідант, рэгулярныя фізічныя нагрузкі


Antiossidante che possiedi, esercizio fisico regolare e coronavirus

యాంటీఆక్సిడెంట్ మీ స్వంతం, రెగ్యులర్

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