Ayurvedic Diet Plan for Extreme Fat Loss (Healthy & Effective)

Ayurvedic Diet Plan for Extreme Fat Loss (Healthy & Effective)

Ayurvedic Extreme Fat Loss Diet to lose fat rapidly in 6 weeks. How to lose weight fast. How to rapidly lose fat using Ayurvedic 6 weeks extreme fat loss diet.

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If you have tried everything but that extra fat won’t budge an inch then this is the video for you. The purpose of making this video is to show you how you can cut the extra fat from the body using the powerful techniques of ancient Indian nutritional science. This is an extreme diet to rapidly lose weight in the short period of 6 weeks and is not meant to be followed as a lifestyle. So do not expect this diet to be a cakewalk and I recommend that you follow it only if you are serious about fat loss.

00:12 – The root cause of fat accumulation in the body as per Ayurveda
00:54 – Wake up and first thing in the morning, do this to promote fat loss.
01:16 – How to heat copper charged water
01:31 – After you are up and fresh, do 15 minutes yoga to increase basal metabolic rate.
01:56 – After doing yoga, drink this powerful kapha reducing drink to tap the root cause of weight gain
03:06 – Breakfast options for extreme fat loss. Consume something light yet super nutritious.
04:04 – 1 hour after breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch, make sure to drink this for fat loss
04:17 – Lunch options for extreme fat loss.
04:38 – Foods to avoid in this Ayurvedic extreme fat loss diet
05:06 – Again, 1 hour after lunch and 30 minutes before evening snack have this for effective fat loss
05:20 – Evening Snack for extreme fat loss
06:03 – Dinner options for extreme fat loss

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15 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

How to make spouts at home?

Know the right way of eating sprouts

The soup recipe for fat loss that I recommend

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I wish you good health.
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  1. If we take milk products in small quantity ( like as prasads) , will it cause any negative impact on our health?

  2. I live in US and I cannot find Ashwagandha leaf juice , only option is to wait weeks or months to get it from India , is there any substitute for it ?

  3. 2 glasses copper charged water
    Amla aloe
    Sprouts no onion
    Besan cheela
    Boiled chana chaat

    2 glasses warm water

    Lunch 2 roti sabji idli poha

    2 glasses warm water

    Makhana/ nuts/ fruit

    7 soup/ moong daal water

  4. As a teacher… 8 to 12 online classes… how am I to follow this? Then again staff meeting and online training sessions…

  5. Hello Sir, can you make a video on how to eliminate loose skin after weight loss. I have lost about 40kgs but now got a loose belly. I tried sprinting, kapalbhati, lifting weights, playing sports but nothing helps, my belly stays the same. Although the fat is primarily on my belly, there is slight hint of fat on my other body parts as well. I tried searching YouTube but many recommend surgery or some other methods. Thank you for reading it this far, sir. Big fan of your work

  6. Greg Doucette tried to debunk this without diving even one layer under the logic behind any of the statements. If you follow FitTuber, you will understand that Greg actually failed miserably.

  7. Which brand ashwagandha juice and amla juice is best?
    And for aloe vera can I use homemade aloe vera juice

  8. Logo ko ayurveda ke naam pe pagal mat banao.. Sprouts kabhi bhi khane nh chaiye.. As it is tridoshprakopaka that is dosha gets vitieted due to sprouted things, 2) in the way ur consuming water its totally prohibited having so much of water in ayurvedic texts it is told that when u feel thirsty then only u should consume water as water also needs to digest.. 3) honey can not be taken with warm water.. It is said that high temperature honey is as good as poison. So please read proper texts and then make videos dont take false advantage in the name of Ayurveda..ya and i am bams doctor (bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery) whatever i m writing here is by complete knowledge of actual texts

  9. Hey Vivek ,I usually comment very less but you definitely deserve big appreciation for posting all the good really constructive videos for people looking forward to get fit.
    I tried various diets and what not to cut that extra fat but it didn’t move even a bit however after following this diet I was so happy that the results started showing up in the morning 1st week itself ,the fat which was so stubborn that didn’t move after so many efforts moved with this.And made me feel so happy that I am at least on the right track now,still long way to go but thanku for showing the right way at least which I was struggling for long time to get even after a lot of efforts
    Thanks once again

  10. sir can you pls tell me that till when to continue this diet and after that how to start a better healthier diet plan

  11. Eating raw sprouts and eating oats is prohibited in Ayurveda. You can not fix the amount of water you need to drink in a day, Ayurveda recommends to drink water only when you feel thirsty and quantity should be just to fulfill your thirst. Drinking too much water is excess workload on your kidney. If you are sitting whole day in AC that much water is not required by your body.

  12. Well actually extreme weight loss so quickly, is extremely bad for your health and bones. Not recommended.

  13. This is absolutely wrong advice guys . There r many people exposing this guy. He is doing this for money . Beilive me nothing is easy gotten in life, this guy tricks people to do short cut tricks, which may be harmful. There was a friend of mine who followed this guy blindly, he landed in hospital for the fake products he sells. The youtube even deleted some of his videos . I used to admire this guy but after this guy is exposed there is no more trying his products, this video is complete bullshit. Comment below if u think te same as me.

  14. @fit tuber, Plz me sir. Am person with external haemorrhoid condition. Can I follow this diet as My weight is abnormal at this age, so I need to follow some diet but due to this piles am scared that will worsen my constipation. I have been a follower you for so many years and following so many good habits from even in drinking water, I have trust you.. plz suggest me something

  15. I love your advices but please, can you make it suitable for people outside India to follow? You mention so many ingredients, drinks and concoctions that is unheard of and cannot be obtained. I am a great believer of Ayurveda. More people will follow you if you could please accommodate them.

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