Best Exercise For Your Heart

Best Exercise For Your Heart

No matter what your age is or your fitness level, we all know that exercising can help us get in shape and lower our risk of several diseases. But Dr Sameer Gupta, Cardiologist at MP Heart, tells us how much and at what level we should exercise for best results.

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  1. Walking for 30 mins daily,cutting down on sugar n salt intake,avoiding junk food n overeating will solve most of the heart problems👍🍫

  2. Every heart is entitled to so many hearts beats & so many breaths.
    Dont stress your heart or you lungs
    If do there is always doctor availed for post mortem "Bullshit"

  3. Past My brother’s heart is weak
    now he is using a Total heart support cap and he feels good.
    it is a very effective cap and it maintains and makes strong heart muscle.

  4. It seems a lot of the scientific evidence on developing cardiovascular health and performance is to do multiple sets maximal intensity heart rate capacity. Ex. 5 sets of 45s or less max effort activity. It could be burpees, pushing a sled, sprinting up a hill. And in between sets you rest for as long as you need till you feel ready to perform the next set near maximum capacity usually 5mins or so. Olympic endurance athletes use this as the most effective method for increasing cardiovascular fitness/endurance. It sounds ironic since the total time spent working is a lot less. You’ve got to be in healthy physical condition to be able to train safely this way though.

  5. Finally my wife got cured from cardiovascular disease using an herbal mixture from Dr. Gbenga, after 9 years of battling with this illness which almost claim the joy of  our marriage, Get a permanent cure today using Dr. Gbenga herbal mixture.

  6. Hi I’m obese and younge my heart rate is outrageous and am scared I am starting to workout and eat healthy and tips ?

  7. I must be an alien, I am 62 with a max rate of 187 by active exercise testing. I have been a racing cyclist for decades and I haven’t seen a measurable drop at all since I was about 35 when I got my first pulse meter. This calculation of 220 minus age can be wildly inaccurate in continuously well trained individuals as I have proved. It is like saying as you get older your arms must get shorter.

  8. I walk 7 days a week back and Ford from my local pizza shop wth a 12 inch pizza with 4 toppings, job done.

  9. Moderate exercise on overall cardiovascular risk, when combined with other lifestyle modifications such as proper diet, and natural medication use can be dramatic. Holistic herbal medicines from planet ayurveda will provide you vitality, healthy life and free from diseases.

  10. Jump rope, jogging, swimming, and jump n jacks, I have a resting heart at his exercise blood rate . 🤪

  11. Dr
    Conventional wisdom say’s that exercise is good for health. At the same time it’s said that exercise is not good for kidney health. Can you please through some light on this. Can you please tell which exercise should be done and which exercise should not be done.
    Warm Regards

  12. I am overweight of 134 kg age 30 and i am doing skipping for about 500 per day…how much i hav to do per day by your opinion sir.plz do reply

  13. Hi Dr. Sameer Gupthaji. I am very much impressed with your informative videos. I need your advise and suggestion with regard to my BPM. I am 64 years old from India – a vegetarian – use 90 ml alcohol once in 4 days. I have been playing badminton for the last 25 years and I am a regular walker. Of late I am making a min 10000 steps a day and a max of 23000 steps a day. While my power walking, I noticed today that my BPM has touched 204 at peak stage and my average BPM was 152. While all this power walking I did not feel exerted or tired or any kind of symptoms and I noticed that my Heart Recovery Rate from 169 BPM to 137 BPM in 2 minutes. Can I continue my power walking wherein my BPM clocking at 180 some times, however, average is well below the allowed figure of 156 BPM (220 – 64 (my age). My RHR is 77 to 81 BPM and my sleeping BPM too almost same. My Cardiogram chart shows a BPM of 40 plus as LOW BPM. Your valuable advise shall be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  14. I see an array of keyboard-certified heart specialists here. For god sake, let the Doctors do their job.

  15. For 6 years I have been battling with cardiovascular disease which almost took my life, but when I came across Dr. Gbenga, I decided to give a try to his herbal mixture, which I used for sometime  but today am completely cured and strong, thank you Dr. Gbenga for your help.

  16. This formula of 220 is in itself flawed. This is ancient science. I don’t know why most of the doctors stop studying once they are out of medical colleges. They never study later at research papers or other medical science developments. Irons is that medical school books which they study to become a doctor are not even updated with the latest research. Those books contain decade old stuff. Plus doctors who just barely pass are also called doctors as compared to who scores > 90% is also called a doctor….strange world.

  17. bhai sahan agar aap indian hai to hindi me bhi bata sakte hai manta hu ki doctor hai aap padhe likhe hai but jo insan jahil hai padha likha nhi hai usko to samjb me aaega nhi to aapka batana bekar jaega aap india me hai sahab….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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