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Generally, when it comes to hamstring exercises you have to make sure you’re training the hamstrings the way they actually work when you’re on your feet! The hamstring exercises that do this are what I call “bulletproof hamstrings” exercises.

As the most commonly injured muscle group in the body, the hamstrings need workouts that address their ability to tie in with the glutes to produce powerful hip extension. Focusing only on hamstring curls is the worst thing you can do and is sure to lead to a pulled hamstring down the road.

AthLEAN-X develops the hamstrings the way they need to be developed to help you to not only excel on the field but also to produce impressive leg muscles and growth. If you’re tired of pulling your hamstrings and injuring yourself while doing other types of training it’s time you switch to AthLEAN-X and see how training like an athlete can get you to start looking like one!
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  1. I watched this and realized that I have REALLY weak hamstrings but strong glutes

  2. can i do this exercise without gym ball??? (we don’t have this ball in our gym))

  3. My comment IS that I love U Jeff and thank u for ur help
    I am a girl but I like body building a lot

  4. Hip flexors are being activated on this exercise (not the glutes); therefore not so practical for athletic running. Need both hip extensor (glutes) and ham acitivation–to simulate the foot motion for running i.e. back leg/foot pulls ground upon return to flexion and bending at the knee. In my opinion, of course.

  5. A long time ago I pulled a hamstring timing my 100 yard dash. Stupidly I did nothing special to recover and for years one hamstring was much tighter than the other. Then in my early 40s I started to work out again. I worked a lot to stretch my hamstrings, and I did things like good morning, straight leg deadlifts – low weight to start – to strengthen them, glutes, lower back. I think the strengthening was the key. Now I’m the most flexible I’ve been my whole life, hamstrings are fine, I do Romanian deadlift set with 75% body weight.

  6. Thank you, past Jeff. You inspired me 9 years ago to be the best version of myself.

  7. I feel my abs working more than my hamstrings. Hamstrings seem like a secondary or tertiary muscle group being worked with this exercise.

  8. Hi! I really like this exercise but I am not sure if I am doing it right. So after I roll the ball out and start to roll it back towards me, do I pull at my feet where they are anchored to do an isometric contraction with my hamstrings or not?

  9. Can anyone tell me what the song is that is playing at the intro of this video?? This sounds like it would be a great workout song

  10. Jeff any way you can show this movement for at home? Gyms closed and I can’t figure out where to place my feet to stay put

  11. This exercise (nordic curl) and single leg romanian deadlift saved my football career after multiple hamstring strains in short period of time.

  12. Cycling on a regular basis will build Hamstring and Calf muscles like no other exercise. Proper pedaling in a circular motion where muscles are under tension throughout the entire revolution is crucial. As one leg is pushing down, the other is pulling up. This maintains fluidity in the pedaling motion, makes pedaling easier, but also is a tremendous muscle building exercise over time.

  13. Just saw the knees over toes guy suggesting this exercise, and here Jeff is talking about this exercise a fuckin decade ago. You should revisit this exercise in a newer video!

  14. Exactly what I was looking for. You’re inspiring 11 million men who want to look good. How’s it feel being the world’s greatest dad?

  15. I came here for solutions to improve my performance. You know what you’re saying !

  16. fantastic post! 2 weeks ago I incurred significant hamstring strain … going to add this to my regiment

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