1. hey please u said in the video u makeur bird get out but how u enter them to the cage again cus my bird i made her out from cage and she didnt want to enter how to enter her???

  2. My 4 month old baby cockatiel name Is Avia . I also had a parakeet . He flew away due to losing his mate. So let him be. I have pellets and small diced apples. I’m training my little girl to whistle. She whistles loudly and chatters

  3. Parrotlets need huge cages with lots of toys for stimulation…. Surprised it even tolerates being in that small cage with that cockatiel….

  4. Hi… Love your video!

    I’ve never had a bird in my life (have had dogs, mice, turtles, tortoises, Giant African Land Snail, etc)… Have always thought birds should be out in the wild. But seeing your video, if you give birds enough time out of their cage, that’s good enough, right? So now I am just researching on Cockatiel care before I get one. I just have a few questions….

    1) can a male male live together? For many species 2 males would fight… And I don’t want a boy and girl as I don’t want them to breed. I assume female/female are fine together

    2) Is a 40 inch by 40 inch cage good enough for 2 birds? I would be taking them out a lot but when I am at work I want them to be comfortable 

    3) Silly question but do they have personalities like dogs and rats? I would love my feathered friends to have personalities

    4) If out of the cage… Can I teach them to poop in a specific location?

    5) If out on holiday for the weekend… Can I leave them with enough food and get the neighbor to feed them water? Or should I leave them at a friends place in a smaller cage?

    Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. When i had budgies It took me FOREVER to get them to learn ”step up” but i just said ‘up’, it was about 6-8 months before they finally caught on but it was worth it in the end, i seen some people who don’t want to take the time a effort to tame their pet bird and just put their hands in there and try and grab them the first day they get them, you need to give them a few days to settle in to before trying to handle them in my opinion.

  6. I just adopted a cockatiel and as I’ve own a cockatiel before that loved to be handled and talked the one I just adopted hates for anyone to try and get him out of the cage. It stresses him out really bad so I let him do his own thing and just make sure I go to his cage to clean it and talk with him. he’s 5 years old and came out of a bad home, his cage was horrible dirty and his water dish was brown in color with dirt. He does seem more happier with my husband and I. We love him

  7. I love hearing ‘tamed’ birds chirp. I have a parakeet, that I’ve had for maybe 5-4 years and she barely chirps. She also hates other birds,which is odd for a parakeet. When we first got her we got another parakeet as well and we followed all the instructions on how to get them use to each other. Well about a year later our parakeet killed the other one. I still have her, I’ve tried to tame her, hand feed her, but she refuses everything. She seems to get extremely agitated too after I’m done trying to feed her. Of course if she starts to flap her wings and chirp loudly I’ll stop.

  8. instructions unclear:
    my bird has turned into a man and is now playing as a hero in an anime called my hero academia

  9. What is the ideal temperature for cockatiels? I am asking because one of my cockatiels is shaking, and he is inside of my house. The current temperature is 70 degrees fahrenheit. Could there be another reason why he is shaking?

  10. Oh my gosh! Where do you get a bag of Kaytee like that? I found a 10lb bag at Fred Meyer’s for $20 which is better than the 5lb for $20. It’s hard to find bird supplies at pet stores anymore. We have a female cockatiel and we spoil her with the best of everything, but lately it’s become difficult to. I am glad to see someone else share their love of birds (and turtles). Thank you for the information.

  11. Lol we can’t feed my dog that way, we have to fill her food up full and leave it out, she won’t eat at meal times like normal dogs, she waits to see what table scraps she can get before she stuffs herself with her dog food, then at night she goes and empty a her food XD she’s such a weirdo

  12. I have three 6 month old cockatiels. They were in an Aviary. How do you start training. They jump around the cage as soon as I get close. I wouldn’t think opening the door would be a good thing because I would never get them back again.

  13. Hi 🙂 I am Getting A Bird idont Know I it Should be a budgi or cockatiel 🙂 the cage i have is 59,3 L 33 W 70,5 H is that aproprijet ( sorry spelling) for a cockatiel ?

  14. you cant put a diffrent species of birds together especially if they dont get along my situation is diffrent my cocatiel and sun conure were raised together as babies to adults so please seperate them Earthling

  15. An all seed diet can be really fatty for a bird, so I personally think a mostly pellet diet with plenty of seeds and fresh fruit and veggies thrown in is the healthiest for a bird.

  16. I bought a new 6 months old cockatiel yesterday and it doesn’t even eat what i feed it so I have no idea what it likes. I got a boy and a girl. Today I left the cage open and the male opened its wings and charged at the open door, although I quickly closed it (because I won’t be able to put it back in it cage since it runs away from me) and it hit the door. I’m worried about the exercise it needs to fly. When should I let the bird out to get some exercise, and what if I can’t put it back in. Also the only thing it seems to eat is seeds. Is that bad for his diet and should I take it away from him and only give him a little bit because I’m scared that they will die from starvation.

  17. I"m thinking to buy a cockatiel pair and I have never got a bird before.I did some research on them also and know their needs tell me should I buy them?

  18. do you think a vision lo1(a single story of your lo2) will be good enough for a green cheek conure? 🙂

  19. I’m thinking of getting a bird, though I’m still not sure. What is the top most quiet pet birds that I can consider?

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