1. Bra you can put small weight plates under your bench so the barbell won’t keep hitting the side safety bars.

  2. You shouldn’t Squat that deep. Once you get past parallel all the tension comes of your legs and on to your lower back

  3. I know this is a two year old video, but if you straighten your wrists when you bench you won’t hit the side bars.

  4. I really like your content! It’s AMAZING! You’ve really inspired me to create my own youtube channel! Thanks!

  5. cmon natural you gotta work on those legs a little so it doesn’t look like you’re walking around on chop sticks.

  6. Will nobody mention the fact he’s curling in the squat rack?!! I know the gym looks empty but that’s just unacceptable..

  7. how is ur squat the same as your bench on that workout? i’ve did this workout for a while and my squats working sets shot up to 245 while my bench was around 160 in a few months

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