Kegels Exercises for Women – Complete BEGINNERS Guide

Kegels Exercises for Women – Complete BEGINNERS Guide

Learn how to do Kegel exercises for women that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and get results. This complete Kegels for beginners guide is presented by Pelvic Floor Physio Michelle, author of international best selling books for pelvic floor safe exercises for women.

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This Kegel exercises for beginners video guides you step by step through:

1. The Best position to start with
2. How to do Kegel exercises and I’ll guide you step by step,
3. How many Kegels you should start out with and
4. How to know if you’re doing your Kegels correctly and
5. How long for results

Part 1. Best Kegels Position

When you’re starting out, the best position for doing your Kegels is the one that you can really feel your exercises including:
*Kneeling on all fours
*lying prone on your tummy
*Lying on your back

Part 2. How to do Kegels

Your pelvic floor muscles are located in layers between your legs where you sit. The pelvic floor muscles wrap around the 3 openings in the female pelvic floor.

There are 3 steps for doing your Kegel exercises correctly.

Step 1.

The first step involves tightening the anus as if stopping gas from passing. The anus tightens and buttocks should stay relaxed. Tighten the anus and lift it inwards to feel a squeezing sensation around your anus.

Step 2.

Tighten and squeeze the entrance to the vagina as if you’re closing it shut and at the same time try to lift your vagina inwards.

Step 3.

Tighten the opening where the urine comes out. You may feel the anus and vagina tightening, if you do this is correct

Now relax your pelvic floor muscles back to resting.

Combine steps 1-3 for correct Kegel exercise technique

*Sit tall
*Breathe normally
* Tighten your anus and vagina, lift them both in and upwards towards your navel and tighten and squeeze as if you’re stopping the flow of urine at the front
*Relax your pelvic floor back to resting

Test your Kegels:

1. Stop or slow the flow of urine but do this as a test and not an exercise and only once a week.

2. Tighten your pelvic floor as if to stop passing gas when you feel the urge.

How Many Kegels for Beginners?

Start out during the first couple of days doing 1-2 doing gentle Kegel exercises in a row. Focus on correct technique correct. As your technique improves progress by doing a few more Kegels and start to hold your exercises a little longer.

If you can do 2 Kegels in a row for 3 seconds, this is the number of exercises you start with, 2 exercises holding each exercise for 3 seconds. Take a break of up to 10 seconds before doing your next exercise.

Try to repeat this routine 3 times a day.

Kegels Training Recipe – Intermediate
*8 -12 Kegel exercises
*Up to 10 seconds/exercise
*Rest for 6-10 seconds
*Repeat 2-3 times/day
*Most days of the week

How Long for Strength Results?

Some women notice improvements within a couple of weeks of starting their Kegels however it can take 5-6 months to fully strengthen pelvic floor muscles if they’re weak to start with.

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  1. I have a question about kegel.
    I was just start doing it in the bride position and my vagina queefs/farts.
    Does that mean I’m doing it wrong?

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    For how many times should I excercise on a day?

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  7. Is it okay to squeeze the front muscles first, and then anus, then lift? I find that easier

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  17. Thanks for the valuable information. So many women have incontinence issues and don’t talk about them. I did kegels (yes with your method) for years and years. I was never able to stop my stress /sports induced incontinence. Finally I was cured – it took only 6 weeks. I learned that I had to empty my bladder then create situations in which the leaks normally happened (jumping jacks or heavy lifting). Over time I could time the kegel just right with the anticipated leak during exercise. This developed muscle memory and strength. I am committed to helping others with their incontinence problems with my new workout channel for middle age women.

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