Keto Diet | Ketogenic Diet | Is The Keto Diet Healthy

Keto Diet | Ketogenic Diet | Is The Keto Diet Healthy

Keto diet or ketogenic diet. Is the keto diet healthy, is the keto diet dangerous, how does keto diet work & keto diet plan.

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A few of my favourite questions/comments from this video are:

1) I have a question. Is the Keto diet a bad diet? Thank you for the information in this video – 00:27

For more information on the Keto diet:

2) Not one doctor, pharmacist, nurse, surgeon ever explained this to me. I wonder how much Flixonase, Beconase, Afrin I’ve squirted right into the back of my throat. Thank you mate!

3) “You’ve decided you want to make a change. You’ve decided you want to be healthier”.
Me: Nodding in agreement at 3am.

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  1. Keto is excellent for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, etc. long term. You can add the foods you like or choose substitutes. Lots of unhealthy video people want to pour water on it to sell their bad diet plans. Check out reddit communities for keto: Lots of diabetics there; PCOS, kidney stone, gallbladder, etc. people there too. There are lots of studies on keto.

  2. I am on the keto diet, its the only diet where I am never hungry and never feel the urge to cheat. I have lost a lot of weight including belly fat. I eat plenty of salads and veg, fish, eggs and meat. Its an amazing diet, I have never felt healthier with more energy, plus no more aches and pains due to reduction of inflammation in the body because of sugars and carbs!

  3. Hey i am an asthma patient and its difficult for me to do exercise it always suffocates me and i end up breathing heavily
    I follow the portion diet but still gaining weight
    I am a mother of two

  4. the keto diet is temporary to lose weight but it is not a lifestyle. you should not be keto forever but I don’t consider it bad I tried it and it worked for me once I archive my weight goal I switch to a different diet that keeps my weight .

  5. 3 years doing keto. ive lost over 100 lbs. This is the best thing thats ever happened to me. 💪🏽🙂💪🏽

  6. The only diet that has changed the way i eat going forward (when off diet). Ive kept most of the weight off since coming off the diet, only gaining water weight, despite eating all the bad stuff from time to time. Would like to hear your opinion on it after trying it and adapting to ketone energy.

  7. Here is my take on it. We started Keto after being Vegan for 6 years… The main reason why we changed over was the health benefits. I had a heart attack at year 6 of a vegan diet, and I was able to cure my heart and vessels, and arteries changing over to the keto diet.

  8. What about diabetes patients that reversed their illness with a Whole Foods plant based diet? What about other chronic health conditions that can be reversed with Whole Foods plant based?

  9. I am 17M, i have been doing keto diet for around 4 months, and have losed 24 pounds but one risk you will need to take while doing keto diet is you will have hemorrhoids sooner or later cause of fibers, and fibers are mostly carbohydrates except some fruit, and vegetables which you can’t eat during keto diet, so i won’t recommend doing keto nonetheless i am changing my next diet plan to intermittent.

  10. My doctor told me the keto was the best way to go for me 🤦‍♀️ I guess we never know what’s the best thing

  11. I wonder if anyone ever mentions how you can’t generalize nutrition. Some people will have more success with fat in their diet than others. Those with the APOE4 gene variant can’t tolerate fat in their diets the way those with APOE3 gene variants who can eat moderate amounts of fat and those with APOE2 gene variants can eat a lot more fat without any issues? Those with APOE4 tend to have higher cholesterol and later on in life are more at risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. People with type 1 diabetes, for example, can’t thrive on a high carb diet such as mostly fruits because it spikes their blood sugar they would need to take an insane amount of insulin to counteract the constant hyperglycemia. A type 1 diabetic can’t survive on a no carb diet either because they need to eat carbs when they’re experiencing a hypoglycemia to raise their blood sugar. I never hear anyone mention variables like these.

  12. Keto is the worst diet even for losing weight. No body became obese in a few weeks. So it’s a bad idea to lose weight quickly as it can significantly increase chances of gallstones. It’s a dehydrating diet where chances of muscle loss is increased especially on prolonged ketosis.

  13. I’m a 60-year-old male, I was 265 lb I am now 175 lbs. It has been five years now since I have lost this weight by eating only vegetables and meat proteins, no sugar or grains at all. I do not count calories macros or spend any additional time in the gym. Blood pressure cholesterol and blood sugar have all normalized. This is simple well not easy and probably 80% all about habits.

  14. Hey so umm I did the kylie lip challenge what does it mean if I have red dots on my upper and lower lip please help I am stressing out.

  15. I have adopted a Keto Diet in June last year. I went from twelve and a half stone to eleven stones and it has stayed off. My season allergies (30+ years) have all but disappeared – as have most of my skin tags. I don’t really feel restricted, I stop for a couple of days every now and again for the excuse to eat a bit of milk chocolate and ice cream – so this has become a rare treat. I can eat all cruciferous vegetables and probably eat many more greens and nutricious low carb vegetables than before but the same quantity of meat. I can have dark chocolate (85% +) and I have cream on berries for pud. I use stevia or monkfruit sweetner instead of sugar and there’s not much difference in the taste. I have cut out potatoes, rice, pasta, sugar, wheat and some higher carb veg. Dr Eric Berg explains the importance of eating lots of low carb veggies for health.

  16. 1. It is not highly restrictive and it’s quite easy to follow. Meat, fish, chicken, cheese, eggs, nuts, vegetables, some fruits, healthy oil, butter – how come it is restrictive? 2. It provides all the nutrition as it includes some dairy and A LOT of healthy vegetables. I am on a keto, but most of my plate, Smith like 75 per cent, surprise surprise, are vegetables. 3. Processed meats and unhealthy oils should be excluded, that goes without saying. 4. Keto diet should go hand in hand with intermittent fasting and some exercise. 5. I agree that one can go wrong with keto, but it is easy not to. Just think about natural products and cook for yourself.

  17. Absolutely! Making sustainable changes is a key point I teach to my weight loss clients. If you aren’t able to sustain the change then it’s likely the weight will bounce back!

  18. I have been on keto since jan 1 2021. i have lost 40 lbs with daily exercise. Practicing CLEAN keto has changed my life. yes it is restrictive, but living in hawaii fresh fish and healthy alternatives are abundant. Even if stuff is keto friendly you have to make healthy decision. Bacon is great but don’t eat it daily or processed meat. adapt the diet to suit you, but use healthy fat and proteins.

  19. Great video! What do you think of clean keto by the way? Getting your fats/protein from nuts, avocado’s, olive oil.

  20. Keto was not meant for health it was made pacifically designed for people who suffer seizures if you want to go keto so ahead but there is no way I am doing it.

  21. Hi Abraham,

    I’ve got psoriasis and it’s worsened quite a lot over the last few months.

    In one of his video’s KenDBerryMD advised people to avoid inflammatory foods or products (dairy, seed-based, tobacco, gluten, alcohol) in order to avoid indirect inflammation of the skin.

    On the end of his video ‘psoriasis: 7 things to avoid’ he mentions a paleo or ketogenic diet would help achieve to minimize the amount of ‘toxins’ which could cause this inflammation.

    I also have asthma which shows my body likes to act up for no reason. What’s your take on this diet to avoid indirect inflammation of the skin?

  22. Hello Sir. Abraham. This video is really a helpful and great video. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  23. Hello Abraham first of all i would like to see that, your information and research is pretty good and satisfied. keep it up bro. In last i have a request for you plz make a video about covid19 basically i just want to know about the recent search about the cure of covid19 because there is many news about the vaccination and cure of covid 19 so plz tell me the realistic research and knowledge about the covid19

  24. My question is. For the average healthy individual is a keto diet just as effective as a normal balanced diet.
    I am vegeterian so I try to eat the necesseray amount of carbs whenever possible.

  25. 5 minutes in. "the keto diet is hard to follow" is it unhealthy though? i know for a fact you can hit your vitamin intake quite easily on the diet.

  26. Doesnt keto diet also eat dead cells that could turn into much bigger problems like cancer and also helps with organ damage?

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