Minimize Gum Recession at Home

Minimize Gum Recession at Home

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  1. @Dr teeth Thank you ma’am for this useful info… I have a question… Ma’am some people say massaging with ALOVERA GEL and HALDI PASTE and OIL PULLING pulling can improve gum recession conditions… is this true???

  2. Dr. Say theirs own but they don’t have proper treatment. One time cleaning is more than sufficient , doctors always encourage their own advt.

  3. Mam i am suffering with gum recession so i have removed tartar and now also my gums of front 2 teeth are below normal.
    Please tell me what should i do

  4. You haven’t said much about home remedies as per your title. You are bringing patients to clinic only. You’re promoting. All the best for your business!?

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  6. It could have been much better, if you would have written the script in well organized manner. I would suggest that you should write, whatever piece of advice you want to forward.
    May Allah bless you.

  7. I was diagnosed with sjogrens disease a couple of years ago and I noticed how I’m really starting to have gum recession. I’ve tried everything for the dry mouth from natural pure to only the best products for this super dry mouth. Nothing helps my teeth from continuing to become more yellow and gum cont to get smaller. Are porcelain veneers even a option? What can I permanent have put over my teeth? My dentist seem to be clueless.

  8. I have Orthodontic treatment for 3years, now i have problem with gums recession. What should i do with this case?

  9. 2 Toothbrushes that are fantastic are Curasept Medical ( from Italy) and Curaprox ultra soft 5460 ( from Switzerland) . I’m currently using Curasept but it’s a bit hard to get at the moment. I hope that improves because I Really love using their Toothbrushes. ……….. One thing people also need to do is very Very gently brush along their Gum Line (Just where the teeth and gum meet) half a second for each Tooth where they meet the Gum Line………. Also Interdental Brushes should be used if you have gaps in between your Teeth…………… ⚛️☮️ 🦷 🌏

  10. How can turmeric help receding gum and how do I use it?
    I can’t afford a dentist right now please help

  11. Liked it so much .. I’m going through a bone loss situation- I was with the same dentists for 25 yrs doing professional cleaning 2x per year and lot of the time they d suggested every 4 months – my insurance always covered – so they didn’t look after my teeth properly and never told me I was looking bones.. til I got a swollen gum, ITV was only them they referred me to a periodontal evaluation. So they said I need Ed a surgery like they n Ed to take a bit of tissue from my top part of mouth – I’m scare to go through that.. Ive been postponing it.. anyways, they cleaned through entire area and added a treatment underneath that area . But still I must go to grafting or something like that. Ahh it’s so annoying- I blame the forever dentist i had for so many yrs it was prob their faults making me come back for cleaning every 4 months – they contributed to my bone loss . Cheaters

  12. سب لوگ انگلش نہیں سمجھتے ساتھ ساتھ اردو میں بھی سمجھایا کریں

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