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  6. 9. The nervous disorders can influence either a single neuron or can affect the whole pathway it depends on the severity of the problem. Planet ayurveda’s herbal supplements can be really beneficial in reducing and maintaining proper health.

  7. I’m happy I’m finally cured from herpes.all thanks to Dr Osaoji on his YouTube channel for curing me with his herbal products

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  10. We don’t want to pay for fillers and excipients which harm our gut and damage our immune system, stop putting stearates and excipients in our supplements! The ingredients sound great, they probably really work, but the "other ingredients" ALWAYS" defeat the purpose of taking supplements. JUST STOP. PLEASE DON’T TAKE SUPPLEMENTS WITH MAGNESIUM STEARATE. Or any kind of stearate. It creates a biofilm in your gut which causes damage to your intestines and prevents you from absorbing ANY nutrients.

    I got excited about the supplement from phytage labs, I have neuropathy, then I saw the stearates in the formula. Look at "other ingredients" ALWAYS READ THE BACK LABEL ON EVERYTHING. Supplements or food. People got so used to seeing it, they don’t pay attention and don’t realize, yes, the supplement companies cut corners and use cheap, crappy, toxic fillers to make more money. They are no better than big pharma. Please, everyone, search for supplements without fillers, or stearates.

    Chicory root does the same thing as the fillers they need to pack as much powder or herbs into the pill and to bind it, but doesn’t harm us and is actually beneficial. It works for both capsules and tablets. For $69 a bottle I am not paying to poison my body and damage my immune system. Stop using fillers that hurt us.

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