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The Keto Diet is a popular method of eating that is used when people want to burn fat and lose weight. In this video, I’m going to review my thoughts on the sustainability of this eating plan and help you to decide whether it is right for you. You will have to evaluate what your short and long term goals are for getting ripped and I will help you to do that.

First it is important to understand where the ketogenic diet comes from. It is actually an old school diet approach that has been around for a long time. The concept is for you to dramatically switch the proportions of macronutrients that make up your daily caloric intake to shift the body from relying on glucose for its primary fuel source to ketones.

Glucose from carbohydrates is the number one preferred source of fuel for our muscles and brains. In fact, there are certain areas of the brain where glucose is the only source of fuel that can be utilized to provide peak functioning. When you follow a keto diet, you cut your carb intake down to 5% or less of your total daily calories. All of the carbs that you do eat come from green leafy vegetables while great care is taken to avoid starches like rice, potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, beans, etc.

The bulk of your diet comes from fats and proteins. This means that when you are following a ketogenic diet that you are relying on lots of meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, heavy cream, oils, etc. Even healthy foods like fruit are excluded. Foods rich in fiber would also be excluded if they fall in the starchier category named already.

So the idea is to gradually make your body rely on ketones for fuel. While this may be a more efficient energy source it definitely does not come without some repercussions. The biggest of which is the depletion of your body’s stores of glycogen. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose and is kept inside your muscles primarily and broken down for energy when training. If your glycogen levels are depleted it becomes very hard to train intensely.

Even if you do find a way to increase your energy and intensity to train hard, it often results in an increase in cortisol as this presents an increased stress to the body due to the insufficient fuel depots. Both the increase in cortisol and the decreased glycogen can significantly and negatively impact your body’s ability to preserve lean muscle let alone build new muscle tissue.

Many will say that they lose lots of fat when on a ketogenic diet. It is true that you will see rapid weight loss when following a keto diet (making it a perfect option for those that need to fit into a certain outfit and time isn’t on your side). That said, fat loss is a minimal part of the equation. The reason you are losing lots of weight but not necessarily fat is that along with the glycogen depletion comes a lot of lost water.

When carbohydrates are minimized, the hydro portion or water is lost as well. This is why what appears to be many lost pounds on the scale when following a keto diet doesn’t necessarily mean permanent loss. Along those same lines, the very fact that a ketogenic diet is based on deprivation and near exclusion of dietary carbohydrates often leads to this being a solution that is not sustainable.

The real question you have to ask yourself if whether you can maintain whatever diet you follow for life. I believe in long term, permanent weight loss solutions that let you lose body fat while still allowing you to build muscle. If you are looking for a meal plan that allows you to do both and is the same exact one that I use to stay ripped year round, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems.

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  1. I did keto for three days and haven’t felt shittier … i slept for 12 hours and couldn’t study for my exams… idk if it was the main reason or not… but i was sooooooo low on energy

  2. Everything in balance i say, the best diet is surely one that includes all the macros, the obesity and sickness epidemic we see today is down to people eating only or mostly poor quality carbs and sugar, and being inactive.

  3. I tried the keto diet for a few weeks, had good results. But because I travel a lot for work, I had a hard time getting enough low carb food. Catering/hotels/venues/festivals are not set up for keto. Finally in covid time I started a healthy no exclusion diet, close to a mediterranean diet. Lots of pasta and veggies. I lost about 90lbs in 8 months., with calisthenics and powerlifting training 3 to 4 times a week. Current diet is 80% veggies with focus on getting enough protein and no food is excluded except for empty calorie snacks.For me keto diet was not worth it and will not be trying it again.

  4. I’ve been low carb (<20g/day) for 8 months, no exercise, and lost 60 lbs. I think it’s time. I got the gym membership. Now to fix this bs sleep pattern.

  5. Thanks. I feel I need to do something. A friend suggested the Ketogenic diet, but I know I will fail with such a restrictive diet. I’m going to see what you are offering at the Athlean-X website.

  6. I always wanted to try Keto after hearing how useful it can be. But i am not able to sustain it. Not even for a week. Reason wise from where i come from it’s just almost impossible to find high good fat, low carb and moderate protein foods outside. There is no way a working adult (unless rich or self employed) can cook his own everyday even if so – it gets really troublesome. And what’s more, people are trying to make money off Keto foods. A little pack of keto breads can cost 10bucks. One portion of keto noodles costs 4 bucks. All these are raw ingredients.

  7. I’ve been doing keto for the last three months. I lost 25lbs and felt great during those months. Of course you’re going to lose size , but my muscles are as strong and more defined. I’m where I want to be weight wise. Now I can add in the healthy carbs and have a more rounded diet to maintain the weight I’m at. It’s a good way to lose weight in my opinion, you’re rarely left hungry and get to enjoy a lot of good food. I went from 220 to 195 without feeling I was denying myself. It does involve a lot of food preparation, but that’s not so bad. I don’t understand the sustainability issue. Why would you want to keep losing weight forever ? You got to your weight with the diet, now you can up your calories/carbs to maintain your weight. It’s not rocket science.

  8. Hi Jeff, hope you will see this question because I’m very curious about your view on this one. I understand that performance declines on keto because that’s exactly what I feel even by just working in the garden. However what’s your view on this for someone with a sedentary lifestyle with mainly an office job and very little exercise. Working out more and reinclude carbs could be an option, however right now I’m having fantastic benefits from keto especially because it doesn’t cause weight gains due to the excess of energy caused by the carbs that I’m not consuming while sitting all day. Is it correct that we should look for the function of each macronutrient and adapt those in our diet according to our activity levels/lifestyle? I noticed that consuming carbs, even the right ones in moderate amounts, would cause weight gains in periods where my workout activities are on their minimum. Thanks for your reply!

  9. Keto diet is for lazy ass people who wanna lose weight without working out , it does not work for bodybuilders, muscles love and need carbohydrates.

  10. One upside i noticed with keto is that I basically replaced grain carbs with green leafy vegetables. I have never in my life eaten so many vegetables. If you barely ate any like me then you’d be very proud of yourself for eating so many.

  11. Our 50 year old nephew "did" "keto" because of his diabetes. He lowered his HbA1C. He also destroyed his kidneys and is now on dialysis. I am not in the least bit surprised, and guessed that was the cause, even before he told us, because I have seen it more times than I can remember, over 30 years as a dialysis RN.

  12. I am keto dieting for over a month and I can tell its not ideal. I can see myself adding more carbs once I have reached my goal. What is ideal is the Intermittent Fasting. Allowing your body to go through Autophagy is just life saving.

  13. keto is not the only way, it’s just the easiest ffs… why is this so hard to understand… oh wait you have never been fat , once you’re obese it’s exponentially harder to lose weight , keto and maybe carnivore it’s probably the only way for many obese people to lose the weight AND actually keep their new figure and not be under the stress of an never ending "diet" , I got from morbidly obese to ~20 body fat in 1 and a half years (~50 kilos !!!) , with just 4-5 months of gym , before keto NOTHING worked long term .

  14. Keto diet has a couple of potentially major advantages. The main one is: satiety. For most people, eating the increased amounts of fat and protein, and especially if you get into ketogenesis, has a big effect on hunger, allowing one to lose weight without battling hunger/greed. The second one is: simplicity. OK it’s not necessarily easy to follow but there is just one simple rule: limit your carbs. This can be much easier for many people than juggling competing nutrient goals.

    On the downside, it usually involves eating a lot of animal products like meat which is linked to bowel and other cancers. That’s potentially a very serious side-effect which should not just be glossed over. However being obese is linked with even more health problems.

    Personally I struggle with my weight because of "greed". I know what to eat. I know what is healthy. And if I actually stuck to that, I’d be ripped. But I can’t. I’ve tried over and over and over again. I don’t know if it’s purely psychological or if there is a hormonal or even genetic aspect to it but whatever the cause, it’s really hard to beat it. Low carb diet makes that much easier….easier than eating the stupid keto foods as it happens.

  15. @7:09 was a good point: study about what foods are healthier. Once you know what could work for certain conditions/goals, then you can choose the right diet.

  16. Did Keto for about 3 months with 0 exercise and a pretty lazy job and was down 40lbs, shit was amazing. Got off it for about 6 months but continued to eat lower carb in general (about 100-120g vs 20-30g) and gained about 6-8 back but it was all water. Started Keto back up 2 weeks ago back down to my original low and hit my lowest today. Going to start doing 3 total body with 2 upper/core/legs per week in some sort of combination for about 20-30mins a day. I figure now that a good chunk of fat is gone I should start putting the muscle back on in tandem with Keto, should be a fat burning machine. My current macros are 4% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 76% Fat. I’ll see how that goes over the next 4 weeks or so. I also give myself some wiggle of like 2% on any of those, like today I went about 10g higher on protein, 2g on carbs.

  17. ¡es útil saber en qué te estás metiendo! He estado un poco más de 12 MESES, HE BAJADO 125 LIBRAS me encanta. Por lo tanto, pensé que compartir mi experiencia ayudaría a los demás. HA CAMBIADO MI VIDA ☘️☘️ SIENTO QUE ESTOY EN MIS 20 Y ESTOY EN MIS 40☘️☘️

  18. I work out in hour 22 of a fasted state. (KETO OMAD) Testosterone and HGH are very high and I’m very strong.

  19. I’m sorry but filling your body full of fats is a recipe for disaster. Years from now we’ll be hearing about these keto fanatics dropping dead from strokes and heart attacks. It’s just an all around bad idea.

  20. Depends what Ur doing. How much other variables are there. Like how much bare foot, time in nature, do U wear sunnies, how are you doing keto, are you wanting massive gains, do you get enough vits, yadda yadda. No point arguing guys but this was great let’s keep having conversations.

  21. I’m under weight and and I eat what is considered fairly "healthy" nowadays. My dad has been doing keto for 6 years and he seemed to have alot more energy so I gave it a shot. Did it for a month and felt great more energy than I’ve ever had and I’m 22. You don’t cut fiber as you said you do, almost the opposite. Say something has 20g of carbs and 5g are fiber. You count that as 15g of net carbs. Fiber doesn’t get processed in the body so it isn’t counted.

  22. It’s funny how he points to his body… I also played competitive sport and had an amazing body on high carb. But most people are not training like that or him. A ketogenic diet is the answer to our modern day problems – sedentary office jobs.. scant time to maximise workouts – degenerative joints.. high rate of diabetes… keto is king. Professor Tim Noakes is proving it every day. Keto is a long term solution. Again – this guy is the exception to the rule. Most high carb people are morbidly obese. This guy is litteraly the 0.001 percent on high carb. Everyone on keto looks good period!

  23. I started Keto and I hate it, I love banana milkshakes, fruit nuts vegies etc but the meat, it is boring. Bacon and eggs is the best part but a man needs variety.
    Just cut out the sugars and icecreams and just have them occasionally, have them as a treat at the end of the month if you’ve done well.

  24. It’s clear you don’t understand how keto works, you should read up and make a new video about after you’ve informed or even experience keto yourself , this was just bad or complete misinformation

  25. Well said Jeff! Never deprive yourself of anything. Carbs are not our enemies. It’s just the way you choose your carbs. Fats and proteins have their own importance. Our body needs all of them for the long run.

  26. Before video commentary: I’ve lost 70lbs and continue to maintain a healthy weight while also building muscle and feel the best I’ve ever felt at 46yo doing keto (with the caveat that, I’ve lost the weight in big chunks doing hardcore keto, but I mostly stick to very low carb).

    After video commentary: I’m good with where I’m at, but after being pretty hardcore about being very low carb, and recently having added an occasional healthy carb in now and then and feeling good afterwards (especially in the gym), I may change things up a bit.

  27. Glycogen fills the muscles and gives it a much thicker/fuller look. A bit like creatine. Some people like myself can never achieve great definition eating carbs, so I gotta pick between looking big or looking cut. But high carbs gives me a bloated face and bitch tits. Building muscle with little carbs slows your progress definitely

  28. It’s crazy how every YouTube video that either is with or against Keto gets a lot of likes and positive comments

  29. What is bad about eating real food, and not some genuine, simulated, food-like substitute that a corporation pukes out like a pez dispenser.

  30. I shifted from eating too much food, to eat less food, and stop the unintended snacking. Guess what, it works, and i dont have to think about what to eat. But the amounts.
    Eating too much, if its fat, carbs protein doesnt matter. You can gain weight on keto, if you eat too much, you gain weight regardless of the macronutrient.

  31. I think many ppl that "dislike" keto, never understood insulin resistance. To get rid of insulin resistance, it’s a very good thing to START with keto, then after a while you can diet however you want.

  32. This is going to be long-winded lol. I did keto a couple years ago when I started lifting. I (probably) didn’t eat as much protein as I should’ve. But I had an adequate amount of fat proportionately to do the diet. I felt great. Stayed on it for 6-7 months. Kept lifting. Fast forward a little over two years later. I was tired of counting calories and so I said hell with it, I’ll just count carbs. My macros were all screwed up because I was eating probably more calories from protein than fat or close to the same amount. Ironically, I was eating way more calories on keto to feel satiated than I was eating on the carb diet. I had a weird day a few weeks in where I was more ravenously hungry than I had ever been in my life. Nothing satisfied. I think it was protein poisoning. The macro imbalance put me in a huge deficit relative to the energy I was burning to process protein vs the calories I was using. So, ironically, keto was more work for me to keep consuming 1.2 grams per lb of bodyweight and it was wayyyy easier to just keep eating carbs and counting that way. You HAVE to track your macros as a bodybuilder on keto. Make sure you’re eating enough fat!! Or add carbs in. I find that I have to track my macros less with a slightly higher carb intake than on keto. It’s easier for me just to count calories and protein intake and stay lean that way. But do whatever works for you!!

  33. Ketosis depends on the bodies ability to metabolize fat…. yes, at first it’s water, but then it’s fat. The reason performance suffers is because you are metabolizing fat, primarily, and it’s a slower process

  34. 1. Except for special fringe cases with serious health issues (see #2), a keto diet isn’t meant to be followed long term. At least not without periodical breaks where you go back to "normal" levels of carbs intake.
    2. I know it’s not Jeff’s domain but he completely ignored the potential health benefits of the keto diet, especially for people with chronic fatigue, depression, brain fog, diabetes, and various autoimmune and neurological disorders. Before being called the "ketogenic diet", it was called the Atkins diet, and we have known since the 1920s that it can even cure epilepsy. And it has nothing to do with being overweight and weight reduction (see #3). It personally helped me greatly and I’ve always been skinny (a "hard-gainer" like Jeff would put it.) Neurologists are slowly starting to become the biggest defenders of the Keto diet..!
    3. Keto is more popular than ever because it helps losing weight, but it’s the ketosis metabolic state that allows the body to "reset" itself and start pumping energy from ketones instead of glucose that is the real game-changer Weight loss is just a side effect that most people following that diet don’t even care for. And your body won’t enter that metabolic state until you reduce dramatically your carbs intake, which means that Jeff’s advice about not cutting out classes of nutrients is total BS in this case. You cannot do it if you don’t cut dramatically your carbs, and probably your proteins too if you’re on this channel.
    4. If you truly want to learn more about the health benefits of the Keto diet, check out Dr. Datis Kharrazian. He’s a leading expert and Harvard-trained clinician/researcher specialized in chronic illnesses.

  35. I’ve been in Ketogenic diet and started lifting weight. After getting back to normal diet I couldn’t gain as fast as during Ketogenic diets

  36. Please consume carbohydrates responsibly! It is a catch phrase that he has used in other videos. Find your balance that works for you.

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