Water Retention: How to Reduce Bloating from Sodium- Thomas DeLauer

Water Retention: How to Reduce Bloating from Sodium- Thomas DeLauer

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Dandelion Root:
Dandelion is the name of Taraxacum, a large family of flowering plants found everywhere in the world. Dandelion acts as a natural diuretic, which is any substance that promotes diuresis, that is, the increased production of urine. Dandelion causes kidneys to increase the volume of urine and expel the extra salt accumulated inside the body. By stimulating more urine production, dandelion affects the blood volume and water balance in your body, causing excess fluid to move out of the body tissues. Additionally, dandelion contains taraxasterol. The diuretic effect of dandelion is believed to be due to taraxasterol. This plant sterol removes fluids from spaces between tissues and the skin. Taraxasterol is also anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. (1,2,3)

Magnesium is important in the body because of its affinity for phosphates in biological systems. For this reason, it is needed for any biochemical reaction involving ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the chief energy molecule in the cell. Magnesium is also required for synthesizing DNA and RNA. In humans, the mineral can be found mostly in the skeleton and inside the cells.

Aside from diuretics, such as dandelion and magnesium, exercise can also play a role in the reduction of water retention. Exercise does not need to be intense – simple, regular exercises are appropriate, and you should take a few minutes of rest while exercising to prevent the development of exercise-induced edema.

Swimming/treading water helps to reduce symptoms of edema. The force exerted by muscles against the pressure of water helps in moving the fluid buildup from tissues. This is favorable for those with edema because there is less stress on muscles and joints.

The leg contractions while walking, helps in releasing the trapped fluid out of the tissues. It also improves blood circulation that flushes out the excess fluids.

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  1. Also for all you gym bro’s out there taking test boosters. Cut all that shit out when you are cutting. they will retain water and make you look worse.

  2. I lost 4kg last 2-3 days, because of salt. 4-5 flakes of salt a day. And I feel great. My flatmate said the weighting scale is broken haha but with him it works. But I stop it today as I need to do more research before doing sth stupid.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much, I tend to get water retention from taking medication for my migraines. And its so weird cause I look like I gained weight one day and 4days later I’m fine. Thanks so much for the tips! Also a great source of magnesium is pistachios 😁

  4. interesting, when I’m on my elliptical, I need to pee at least 4-5 times within a 30-40 min routine. What’s more, I have trouble, both with sodium bloat and water retention, as well as, dehydration resulting in a low electrolyte balance. This electrolyte imbalance causes extremely painful muscle cramps, spasms and involuntary flexion of certain muscles — like my thumb and forefinger randomly, and quite painfully,
    flexing like I’m pinching something — since I’m on a reduced-calorie, Keto diet, I’m finding it really hard to maintain a good balance of sodium and other electrolytes causing me to be in either an upper or lower extream.

  5. I’ve been sweating like crazy for the past 4 days. I was 172 like a week & a half ago and now I’m 163 in the mornings. Getting electrolyte pills for keto now. Heavy bag training gets me drenched now. Am I doing it right?

  6. Why not try Snake diet water with electrolytes for 5 days eat 2k calories food for 2 days repeat…

  7. Most people are definitely not eating enough potassium. That’s like Dr. Berg’s most stressed about topic lol.

  8. What if I have too little face fat but I am still overweight, does that mean that I have too little water retention?

  9. 4th tip: listen to sounds of trickling water. Probably doesn’t work, but it’s relaxing.

  10. Stop eating sodium, lose water weight! His comment on eating too little sodium is causing confusion! I’m sorry bro, but the slight fact of your statement is obsolete.

  11. I can tell the difference between fat and water retention.

    With fat I’m still flexible and pain free.

    With water retention I’m no longer flexible, it hurts, if it’s in my hands or feet they look deformed, there is putting.

    Huge differences.

  12. I have had this problem since being diagnosed with thyroid problems , I now have spinal stenosis and a blockage in the spine and I cant get rid of the fluid , I take a magnesium supplement daily , what can I do I can barely move with all this 😪

  13. I often have swollen feet especially in summer that stay like that for days and feel very stale and unhealthy. But an hour of fast paced walking and climbing stairs drains all that liquid as I accidentally found out.

    The skinny lady lifting the weight is so sexy, The audio is clear, just quiet. Use a set of damn amplified speakers with a good margin for loudness instead of a cellphone.

  14. I pick all the dandelions from our yard. Eat the greens with olive oil and vinegar. Then soak and wash the roots for one day over night. Dry them out, then put them in my roaster. After that I grind them to a fine powder. Great to add to coffee or make tea.

  15. Not all water retention is caused by sodium especially if your intake of salt is minimal and limited to natural salts in foods. So this video is or no use to me at least.

  16. 1. Avoid Excess Sodium foods
    2. Dandelion Root extract or Leaves in a juice
    3. Magnesium intake
    4. Exercise – Swimming or Walking
    5. Extra – Vitamin D (anti-inflammatory) and sleep adequately 🙂

  17. You’re a genius! Write a book!! I tried the magnesium and dandelion root cause I couldn’t lose weight while on hormone replacement. It worked! 7 lbs lost already in 1 week. I know it’s all water but when I gained it, it was because of the hormone replacement. I noticed I wasn’t urinating as much. They told me I’d gain a lot of water weight because progestin and estrogen cause the body to hold water. It’s almost all gone. Thanks so much for helping me.

  18. On my keto diet when I try to up my sodium, the next day I’ll feel horrible. Wth?

  19. I know I’m carrying water because my ankles swell and feel heavy I hate it I dunno how to get rid of this water in my body 🙁 and doctor says I’m Healthy

  20. I really would love to hear what you are saying..I aM partially deaf..I will rewinding this to listen again.

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