When to Apply Essential Oils: Make A Natural Spray Cleaner for Workout Equipment

When to Apply Essential Oils: Make A Natural Spray Cleaner for Workout Equipment

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Let’s make natural spray cleaner for workout equipment.

It’s important to keep workout equipment clean and free of germs, but it’s also important to use healthy cleaners. You can use essential oils to make natural spray cleaner for workout equipment.

The recipe in this video also works for massage tables, yoga mats, kitchen and bathroom surfaces . . . any surface that responds well to water!

Get yourself a 1 oz (30 ml) glass spray bottle (I get mine from Aromatics International) and fill it with distilled water. Then add your essential oils:

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) — 8 drops (1:11)
Lemon (Citrus limon) — 5 drops (1:28)
Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) — 10 drops (1:46)

These three essential oils are so good at fighting germs! I use them all over my home (see how I use this blend on my Pilates machine at 3:17), and they’re perfect choices when you make natural spray cleaner. They make the whole room smell amazing.

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  1. Andrea, I don’t use my sponge for anything but dishes. I like to use clorox wipes on my counter and windex on my table (to not ruin the finish) – to kill all the germs. Could I use this in place to kill all the germs? Purses, mail, packages, laptop bags, etc??? Thanks

  2. I made this blend yesterday and love it so far. The oils do separate from the water so I need to remember to shake it before using. Thanks!

  3. Hi Andrea! I LOVE your Video’s. I am currently taking you Healthy Living Course and the info is AWESOME! I was wondering where you purchase the labels and laminate labels you show in this video. THANKS!

  4. so i’m new to these oils, but i’m thinking once you spray the water with oil that it will leave an oily residue. Does it?

  5. Love this combo Andrea! I use tea tree spray on my yoga mats, but I hadn’t thought to add lemon and grapefruit! Will do right now! 🙂

  6. Oh thats cool, I haven’t heard of PET plastic. I have had lemon essential oil eat away plastic when I make cleaning spray and when I add lemon essential oil to my bottle of drinking water. So I went to an all glass bottle with silicone cap so I wouldn’t be drinking all the harmful plastic. That is good to know, thank you for the info

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