Y2 18) Natural Monopoly

Y2 18) Natural Monopoly

Y2 18) Natural Monopoly. Everything you need to know about Natural Monopoly in full detail

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  1. What if firm is producing at P=LRAC?
    That can be called an equilibrium of a natural monopolist?

  2. Thank you so much. I wish my lecturer could explain stuff like this instead of mumbling shit nobody ever understands 😒. You’re such a lifesaver!!!

  3. Nice video,Great job. but why didn’t you talk about average cost pricing method?

  4. Great effort. Thanks a lot. Please make some videos on game theory. Couldn’t find any.

  5. i got an A in economics last year now at uni but still watch your videos for nostalgia ahahah love u man

  6. What a fucking legend mate , literally my professor is crap , you have explained it way better tho , thank you 🙏

  7. If the government wants to instruct a natural monopoly (with a positive rising MC) regarding socially optimal price the monopoly mist fix, then the government will tell the monopoly to select price where

    It’s marginal cost is equal to AR OR It’s marginal cost is equal to MR

  8. Hello, a great video about Natural Monopoly. I’m myself partially studying Economy and I have read some books where there is another point of regulatory price and that is the point where LRAC = D, which means the company will have a normal gain or a "zero profit", yet it won’t have a loss. It’s true that the demand quantity would be lower for that price, but given the fact regulated natural monopolies are in a case of loss subsidized and compensated by the state, all taxpayers are eventually paying for the loss. What do you think?

  9. if natural monopolies don’t happen in free markets then name one video game which does ALL of these:
    -it is free
    -it is a class bassed fps
    -it allows the players to switch the weapons of their classes
    -a big portion of the weapons and not mainstream weapons(by mainstream i mean the ones that appear in most shooters where they don’t do anything other than changing stats)
    -it is not named team fortress 2.

  10. thank you for this :very clear and simply explained without any annoying music or jokes. yay!

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