Yoga Mat Buyer’s Guide – Our 10 Favorite Yoga Mats On the Market

Yoga Mat Buyer’s Guide – Our 10 Favorite Yoga Mats On the Market

So you’re looking for the best yoga mat for your practice?

There are so many yoga mat brands on the market. With all that variety, it can be overwhelming to research which yoga mat is best for you. As a yogi, you’ve got specific needs and wants in a yoga mat.

We’re obsessed with all things yoga, so we’re constantly looking for the best yoga products out there. After research and testing, we’ve selected our top 10 favorite yoga mats on the market.

This review looks at each yoga mat’s specific features, and also provides general guidance of what you should look for when you’re ready for a new yoga mat.

In this review we highlight the following yoga mats:

Manduka Black Mat Pro
Yoloha Native Cork Yoga Mat
Liforme Yoga Mat
Affirmat Rise and Shine On XL Yoga Mat
Gurugrid Gu-Rubber Eco Friendly Premium Yoga Mat
BYoga B Mat Strong
Hugger Mugger Eco Para Rubber Mat
Wai Lana Yoga & Pilates Mat
Pogamat XL Yoga Mat
Jade Harmony Mat in Slate Blue

For links to the mats and more information head over to our site:

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  1. Very helpful to have a list of top notch yoga mat choices to look up and choose. I went with Liforme because it offers a yoga pad, which is extra cushioning for knees, etc. Thanks a million!

  2. which mat is the best for doing yoga and HIIT workout. Also it’s great if the mat is non-slippery and good grip.

  3. I have Manduka. Highly recommended.
    By the way where can I buy your yoga outfit the one that you are wearing now!? Please let me know

  4. apparently it’s quite expensive to become spiritual, not to mention hotter, by stretching your body in creative ways 😉

  5. Love it! No cons necessary 🤗
    Might go with a life form. just for that white magic print!
    I love you Ashton are an amazing angel! 💘💚

  6. Great information on mats. It’s all personal preference however it’s good to get feedback on each brand. I love Manduka and Jade mats. They are 2 very different mats but both have their benefits.

  7. I have had my Manduka mat for at least 5 years now, and it still looks new. I know I will never wear it out. However, it has never been particularly grippy when dry or wet. I resorted to putting a yoga towel on the mat as soon as I start to sweat.

  8. this is not yoga this is capitalism , according to indian yoga guruji , you need nothing for doing yoga

  9. Hi there, thank you for your review! very helpful. Which brand would you recommend for someone who practices mainly vinyasa yoga, needs more cushioning for sensitive joints and mainly looks at grip?

  10. Thanks for the run down! Went with the Liforme for it’s grip and mostly because it is biodegradable.

  11. I wear out my liforme in a matter of mths doing ashtanga vinyasa practice. Durability is a question, however I love how it wicks away the perspiration and keeps its grip even when wet. What is the next best alternative that is kinder on the wallet?

  12. For a yoga mat to be xxx $ , it needs to have , wifi , bluethoot conectivity , and of course it has to float , it must be a flying yoga mat .

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